Agricultural Tools Pictures With Names to Help You Identify Them Easily

When one thinks of Indian agriculture, one would think of the vast variety of modern machinery used by the farmers and small holders of land to cultivate the fields and collect the harvest. However, the people of this country have been cultivating the soil for centuries and are still doing so, using an old but still highly effective method. The difference today is that modern farming equipment has replaced most of the manual labor force and mechanized farming has taken over most of the agricultural activity. This explains why agricultural tools pictures with names like ‘Deccan Plateau’ and ‘PLATINUM CIRCLE’ are very popular with the collectors of Indian farm implements. These names indicate the years of production and signify the quality of the particular piece of equipment which has been excavated from the soil.

There are many factors which determine the value of any piece of agricultural machinery. It would depend on whether it is new or old and how old it is. An agricultural tools collection would need to be carefully planned before purchasing it, as well as being cost effective. The choice of farming tools should be based on a particular field of activity such as cattle raising, dairy farming, poultry rearing, etc, and also on whether it will be used for the dry fields or the wet fields.

The quality of the agricultural implements should also be determined. The tools should be made of high quality steel and only those manufactured in India should be procured. The choice of steel should be such that it will not rust easily and will not produce any excess amount of heat when the tools are used. The best Indian agricultural tools pictures with names like ‘Dalaman Steel Planers’ or ‘Bengaluru Steel Planers’ can be used to gauge the durability of the equipment. They have both new and old models and one can choose according to their requirements.

There are various other items required during farming. Most importantly, one needs tractors and combines to increase the manpower. This can be done by procuring an appropriate number of these farm implements. Some of the popular Indian agricultural tools pictures with names like ‘TSEEL’, ‘ALNOHA’, ‘DRIFT’, ‘MATRI’ etc are the ideal choices when it comes to acquiring these implements. For this purpose, one can even view videos demonstrating how to use the implements properly.

Tools that form the complete set of agriculture tools include hand tools, which are very essential for cultivating the land. Amongst the hand tools, the most important ones are the tiller, shovel, spade, fork, hoe and slingshot. All these hand tools are vital for cultivating the fields properly. A spade is the second most important tool used for cultivating the soil, and it is mainly used for sowing, harvesting and making plouts. There are various other hand tools that are used to cultivate the land, including cultivators, seed drills and seed spoons.

Similarly, one must see the pictures of the various other farm tools and implements to get a clear idea about them. For example, there are the mechanical implements, like combines, rollers, harvesters, harrow, forklift, plough and sprayers, that are used to harvest the fruits and vegetables on a large scale. Similarly, there are the hand pumps, like water pumps, that are used to irrigate the fields. An auto mechanic can also be consulted if he is interested in repairing or assembling any type of agricultural tools or implements.