Farm All You Can in Mafia Wars 3 – Farming Tips That Work

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Farm All You Can in Mafia Wars 3 – Farming Tips That Work

The Farming Tips is three farming tips to help you have the best farming possible in the game. These tips cover how to get more yields, how to plant your crops at the right time and when to fertilize your fields. They also show you which crops are better to harvest at a particular time of the year, how to manage your animals and finally how to find profitable farming spots in the game.

The first of these farming tips is for people who want to try out their hand in farming. They should start by going to three different towns. When you arrive there, talk to the people of those three towns and choose which of them will act as your first farming partner. When you have chosen a partner, you should go back to your own world and plant your crops. Continue with this until you have three crops, three animals and three resources.

The second farming tip is very easy but it does take some time. You should pick out the best crops and then plant them. Once they have matured, you can start harvesting. After harvesting, you should collect the crops. Keep doing this until you have twelve units or so.

The third farming tip is not that hard after you have already gathered all your materials. Just continue to plant crops and making use of fertilizers. As you plant your crops, you should build a barn so that you can store your harvested resources. At the end of the game, you should have fourteen resources or more.

The fourth farming tip is quite simple. Just keep on collecting resources and building up your barns. When you reach twenty-four resources or more, you should plant a Lumber Jack. When you plant one, it will increase the amount of trees that you can get. Keep doing this until you have twenty-four resources and you should be able to get the resource patch every five or six levels.

The last farming tips consists of you collecting all the resources that you need for each level. As you level up, you should plant trees and grow crops. When you reach the maximum level, you should build a Watch Tower which can protect you from enemy attacks. The best farming spots are at the edge of large forests or in the centre of towns. If you follow these three farming tips, you should have no problem in getting the most gold in the game.