Farming Tips For Beginners in India

farming tips for beginners in india

Farming Tips For Beginners in India

Farming tips for beginners in India are the right path to take if you are planning to start off your farming career. You can either choose to farm vegetables, fruits, and other household produce, or take up some commercialized farming as well. The choice is entirely yours.

What the Indian farmers know that you don’t is that the environment plays a major role in the productivity of their crops. And that means you should pay extra attention to the environment when you are setting up your farming business. A few simple farming tips for beginners in India will help you overcome the challenges that may come your way.

First of all, always remember to plant the crops that require the least amount of water and nutrients, such as wheat, rice, and beans. And try to plant these crops during the wetter months, which would mean the summers. This way, you can ensure better yields. You can also increase the fertilization of the soil, which will help the plants get the vitamins and nutrients they need. If you keep your crops well-fertilized, they will also be protected from diseases, which can cause them to wither and die.

When it comes to feeding your livestock, the Indian farmers do know a thing or two about that. They raise cattle for milk, buffalo for meat, and oxen to pull carts. As far as the animals are concerned, you can feed them with grain made from cow’s milk, or alfalfa. However, you should not give them too much grain as they can become overweight. Instead, you can mix some maize or rice into their diet.

There are a number of diseases that affect livestock, which the Indians are well-versed to take care of. So you won’t have to worry much about getting them vaccinated against them. Also, you can buy cheap medicine for them from the local market, as most of the farmers do own small stores. You should also be careful about buying machinery from them, as most of the time, these shops are run by teenagers who lack the necessary skills to operate such machines. If you are really interested in farming, then you can ask the teenager for some advice.

The above farming tips for beginners in India will ensure that you have the right knowledge and skills for the job when you start managing your own farm. You can either find a teacher and hire him to come and teach you the art of farming, or you can just read up on it yourself. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try it either way. However, if you are really interested, then you should remember to ask the teacher questions so that you can understand how the teacher has explained things. Once you get a firm grasp over the basics, then you can move on to more complicated tasks.