Most Profitable Farming In India

The most profitable farming in India according to many experienced businessmen is agricultural development. India is the world’s largest food basket and exporter of agricultural produce. Some of the crops that are grown in abundance in India include: rice, cress, jute, wheat, rubber, tea, angry, bamboos, tamarind, coconut, sugarcane, almonds, and tomatoes. India is also famous for producing cotton, dates, tobacco, oranges and grapefruit. These crops are cultivated all over the country and are exported to all across the globe.

most profitable farming in india

Since the beginning of industrialization in nineteenth century Indian farmers have been trying their best to improve their agricultural practices to achieve maximum productivity. There are several initiatives taken by the government to improve the agricultural practices in the country. One example is the ‘National Agriculture Research Week’ which is observed from mid-September to mid-November in each year. During this week many seminars and workshops are conducted by government as well as private organizations to enhance current agricultural practices, introduce novel technology for enhancing yield and promoting soil quality, and promote research and innovation in the agricultural sector.

The success of farming in India depends upon its management and proper utilization of the natural resources available here. Farmers should take care to protect the land from adverse weather conditions as unsuitable conditions can affect crop production and thereby affecting the local economy. They should be aware about the availability of water, fuel, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery, machineries, etc. Farmers should also be aware about the pest and vermin problems in the region. Farmers should not only be concerned about their yield but also about the quantity of crops they can yield within a specific time period. Irrigation, and composting are the three most important tools for maximizing the production potential of a farm.

According to the present situation, the most profitable farming business ideas in India are those of livestock rearing, fruit and vegetable raising, dairy farms, poultry rearing, and small scale agricultural farming. The basic necessity for the above mentioned farming business ideas is chemical fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers are used to amend the soil, increase the productivity of the crop, and promote better health of the people using these chemicals.

Tillage, or racking, is another most profitable farming business idea in India. This process involves the cultivation of tall grasses and weeds on the bed of the farm. This enables the farmers to harvest the crop without disturbment of the weeds. Some of the most common weed killers in the market are Glyphosate (linked with alfalfa sprays), Clostridiums, FOS, and Myclosetron. Since the use of chemicals is forbidden in most of the farm farms in India, farmers make use of biological and alternate methods for weed control.

Harvest and storage of the crop are another important process of agricultural activity in India. Farmers take care of the crop by ensuring that it reaches the consumers in good conditions. For instance, cotton and tea gardens in India are mostly located near the places where there is good water supply. A tea plantation requires shade from the surrounding areas, which can be attained by installing awnings and other such methods of shade. Crop rotation assures good returns for the farmer, while also ensuring that the pests or the insects do not gain a foothold.