Most Profitable Farming In India

Top 10 Best Agriculture Business Ideas! With increasing urbanization and development in the countryside of every country, the agricultural production has also gone up in an exponential way. It has turned out to be one of the important sectors of the Indian economy which contributes significantly to the GDP! If it were not for agriculture, India can not boast of any major city which is developed as a major industrial sector.

most profitable farming in india

Top 10 Best Agriculture Business Ideas: Most Profitable Farming In India! In order to rank second in the production of crops in India, agriculture needs to be efficiently managed & operated by all the stakeholders. This in turn means that the yield of the soil, the productivity of the land, the availability of water, etc all contribute towards the overall productivity of the farming activity. The yield of the soil is largely dependent on the variety of the crop that is being grown. For example, in cotton cultivation, high yielding crops like the Jute and Barley are grown.

So, if we know that the yield depends mainly on the variety of the crop being grown, then we can easily understand the significance of proper and timely plantings and planting seeds. In reality, the very success of a farming activity depends on the proper knowledge of the procedures and techniques used in the actual process of gardening. A very effective way to know about the correct plantings and to learn about the yield of different varieties is to raise animals for commercial purposes. This will help us understand about various farming questions like about the total area of cultivation, about the yield per area etc.

One very popular crop in India that is being grown for commercial purposes is Wheat. India is a major producer of wheat and almost all other cereals like Maize, Corn, Oats and barley too. It also happens to be one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat. We can understand about the agriculture in India through the Wheat production. Almost all states of the union are already producing huge amounts of wheat and export facilities too are increasing to meet the demands of the market. We should take the advantage of the state-of-the-agriculture initiatives like incentive schemes for the farmers, better fertilizers and better pest control methods.

Many small as well as big players are also taking the advantage of this initiative and are investing in the agriculture of India. An important step towards starting a successful small scale farm business in India is to acquire good quality seeds from a reputed Indian or foreign seed company. While buying seeds from a wholesale or retail store, always make sure that you are purchasing those produced by a recognized company.

Most profitable farming in India also includes the dairy business. Dairy farms are generally very small in size and require the assistance of many other departments such as health, nutrition, production, finances etc. Also most profitable farming in India also includes mushroom farming where fresh mushrooms are mainly grown and sold for their freshness during the peak seasons of the year.