Things to Know About Poultry Farming Before You Start One

Poultry farming is perhaps the oldest form of animal husbandry that reaps domestic birds like ducks, geese, chickens and turkey to make eggs or meat for human consumption. It originated in the earliest agricultural era, about seven thousand years ago. Poultry Farming mostly raises poultry in good numbers; otherwise, they may not be able to survive in the wild.

poultry farming

This poultry farming method also involves using antibiotics for controlling disease among poultry. In fact, the most antibiotic efficient antibiotics, tetracycline, do not belong to the class of antibiotics used by humans. So, the antibiotic use while keeping poultry is quite different from the use of antibiotics in humans. While tetracycline cannot be used for curing infections in free-ranging animals, it may be used to avoid infection in their eggs or in their meat.

Poultry farming needs the proper housing, space availability, temperature and ventilation. The cages should be cleaned at least once a week. The cages should be spacious enough to allow free movement of birds within the cage, and should be easily cleaned because they give off ammonia gas when kept closed. The temperature of the poultry farming area should be controlled, especially during hot days of the month. This is because during hot days, the inside of the cage will tend to dry out, and the ammonia will build up until there are no more droppings.

Poultry can be raised on a free-range diet consisting of table scraps like wheat bread and cornflakes. But it should be noted that the birds raised for poultry farming should not have any excess of calcium, which can cause bones to break under the weight. A small number of turkeys, ganders and turkeys with excess fat can be raised on the same site to provide extra proteins in the diet. However, if you are looking to raise ten or twenty birds, it would be best to separate the turkeys and gander in individual cages to prevent crowding.

There are many people who cannot afford the big space that is needed commercially for poultry farming, or do not have enough time to manage it themselves. For such people, there are many things that can be done to raise poultry in their backyard. In fact, the Internet offers some of the most cost effective solutions, especially if you are going to start with just a few chickens. The biggest advantage is that there are some really attractive plans available that do not require you to invest a lot of money.

As a matter of fact, even if you start off by raising just a few chickens in a small coop, it can turn out to be an excellent investment, as you can sell the eggs at a very profitable rate, as well as make some profits from selling the chickens’ meat. Another benefit that comes with a poultry business is that the chickens can help to reduce the air pollution in your garden. Many people are worried about the health effects of poultry products, but there are actually many advantages in buying them. You will find that once you start poultry farming, you will not need to worry about moving the hens very often, as they lay plenty of eggs.