What Are the Different Uses of Agricultural Tools and Their Uses?

A spade is among the most important agricultural tools that has its different uses and functions. It is a tool used to dig and break soil, split it, and gather plant material from the ground. As we all know that agriculture is one of the most vital parts of our lives, thus, we have to make sure that all of the necessary tools are available for the cultivation of crops and the improvement of the land itself.

agricultural tools and their uses

The most basic agricultural tools that all farmers own include: a shovel or a hoe, a planting hoe, a tiller, a planting rake, a harrow, and some land scissors. These tools may be divided further into hand-held and arm-on tools. Hand-held tools are those that are used by the farmer himself, while arm-on tools are those that are used in conjunction with another tool. For example, when tilling the soil, one would need to equip themselves with a tiller. On the other hand, if planting new crops, an agricultural tool called a planting hoe is required.

Besides these, there are other useful tools for the farmer’s use which are: a digging fork for harvesting, a fork for splitting and digging, a spade for digging, and a sickle for gathering. Digging fork is among the hand-held tools that help in tilling the soil and harvesting. Meanwhile, the spade is a tool used in harvesting. Spades are made either of steel or of aluminum. They are used for digging furrows for seeds, gathering water, digging canals for plants, and for other uses.

Another great tool in the list of agricultural tools is the hoe. A hoe has a variety of uses ranging from trimming lawns, cutting plants, landscaping, and for sowing and cultivating the soil. Aside from these, a hoe also has a plow attached to its handle. The plow is used in cultivating the soil by removing weeds and other unwanted plants from the bed of the soil. A hoe is also a hand tool used to till the soil while wearing protective gloves.

Now, for some more uses of farm hand tools and their various usages. If you want to start off with your farm or ranch, you will need a tiller for tilling the soil. Then there are other uses for farm tools such as those for sowing, harvesting, and for gardening. You can search for other farm tools and their usages in books and online, to give you ideas on the various uses of your farm tools.

If you are starting your farm, it will be very helpful to you if you already have a few farm equipment and implements already. You don’t have to purchase each and every equipment and implement when starting out. One effective farm equipment and implement to start with are the tiller. When setting up a farm, it will also be wise to consider the purchase of other implements and equipment such as a rotating push mower, a riding mower, and a tillage rake. There are different uses of each of these implements and the appropriate combination will depend on the purpose for each. But most of the time, a combination of the above three implements and an appropriate material to use them with will be all that you need to start off your farm.